Dropping a child off at an in-home school for the very first time can be nerve-racking. You can do all the right things. You can do your homework, research in-home preschools, and ask tons of questions from everyone you know. Still, dropping your child off that first day comes with nagging doubts.

We get that. We also understand that trust is key when you are choosing a daycare provider. As a parent, you have to be able to trust that the daycare you choose will care for your child. You have to be able to trust the teachers and caregivers. Without that trust, there can be no solid foundation on which to build a relationship that is best for the children involved.

We make it part of our mission to ensure that our network only consists of in-home providers we know parents can trust. How do we accomplish this? Through a number of initiatives and policies. Below are descriptions of some of those initiatives and policies. If you ever have any questions about the providers in our network, do not be afraid to ask.

Only Licensed Providers

For starters, only licensed in-home daycare providers can be part of our network. We do not accept any unlicensed entities. Furthermore, we verify licenses for all new providers before officially making them part of the network. All licenses must be up to date in order to continue providing care for children.

Our commitment to working only with licensed providers stems from our knowledge of what licensing is all about. Licensing creates standards among childcare providers. It also establishes minimum requirements that guarantee the health and safety of each child being cared for.

Home Inspections

Part of our enrollment process involves inspecting the actual premises on which childcare is provided. For an in-home preschool this means inspecting the home of the provider. Our home inspections are designed to ensure that new schools are both safe and conducive to quality childcare and early learning and development.

Hand-in-hand with home inspections are background checks. You wouldn’t think of placing your kids with questionable caregivers. Likewise, we wouldn’t think of accepting new schools without first running background checks on everyone involved.

Extensive School Training

We want every in-home school registered with Ivy School to offer a minimum level of care and instruction. In order to facilitate that, we require every new school to undergo 60 hours of training with our team. That training teaches providers how to operate a facility that meets our standards.

In addition to achieving a high level of service, our training offers the added benefit of standardization across all Ivy School providers. Every Ivy School provider has undergone the same training and must meet the same standards. In the event you had to relocate, you could trust that your new Ivy School would offer the same high-quality care as your old school.

Ongoing Mentoring

We have a mentoring program in place for the sole purpose of ensuring that our entire organization continues to grow and develop. We don’t ever want to rest on the successes of the past. Rather, we strive to offer better in-home daycare services. We want the same for our providers. So we mentor them on a regular basis.

We know that trust is non-negotiable for parents in need of childcare services. As parents ourselves, we want you to know that you can trust Ivy School. Give us the opportunity, and we will prove it to you.