Meet the founder

Nearly a decade ago Casey came to a fork in the road: continue applying to medical school or open a school in India. They were both worthy causes. Ultimately he took a leap of faith. He decided to open a school in India that forever changed the lives of thousands of children as well as his own.

For nearly a decade Casey ran nonprofit focusing on quality education for children in India and Nepal. He raised millions of dollars in donations and educated thousands of children. Along the way he created a documentary on Human Trafficking and organized one of the largest local responese to the Nepal Earthquake in 2015.

In 2019 while living in Berkeley, California with a new baby on the way, Casey began to look for childcare for his own child. He realized there were limited high quality and affordable child care options to choose from. This experience drove him to find affordable child care and support through in-home school providers. During this process, he founded Ivy School. To read Casey’s full story why he started Ivy School clck here.

Casey’s work has been featured on: NYtimes, Huffington Post, ABC news, Up

For every child enrolled into Ivy School
we match a child in need.

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