Professional childcare is absolutely a business. Providers operate businesses no different from any other business. And yet, childcare does offer some unique opportunities other businesses do not get to participate in. Such opportunities are what make daycare more than just a money making exercise.

The best entrepreneurs in any business are those who love what they do. This is certainly true in childcare. If you already provide daycare in your community, you are undoubtedly passionate about your chosen businesses. It shines through in everything you do.

Maybe you’re looking to get started. What’s to love about providing daycare? Actually, a lot. Just consider the following:

1. Guiding Children as They Learn

As a daycare provider with an emphasis on early childhood learning, you have an amazing opportunity to guide children as they learn. The daycare years are formative years, so you are actually working alongside parents to guide the learning journey. It can be an amazing experience to watch a little one enter daycare as an infant and graduate as a young student with a solid foundation of knowledge that is more than adequate to start kindergarten.

To that end, all our schools use a proven, scientifically based curriculum. The curriculum is designed to introduce young students to the basic concepts of numbers, letters, colors, and so forth. Children are exposed to ideas geared to the way they think, helping them learn more naturally. As the provider, you have the privilege of implementing the curriculum while guiding your young students as they learn.

2. Helping Families Financially

Another one of the unique aspects of in-home school is the ability to help provide superior childcare at a lower cost. Many families are dual income out of necessity, leaving them with no other choice but to pay for childcare for their not-yet-school-age children. By offering daycare in your home, you are able to provide excellent care for less, passing on the savings to parents.

At Ivy School, we are committed to the idea that in-home daycare provides the best and most workable solution for many parents. The cost of daycare at one of our in-home schools is almost always significantly less than comparable care in a traditional daycare center. We find this is very important for families looking for high quality daycare that fits well within the budget.

3. Helping Build a Better Community

In-home daycare centers are environments in which children are cared for, nurtured, and loved. But that’s not all. They are also places where communities are strengthened. With every lesson learned there is hope for the future. In short, operating an in-home school in your neighborhood strengthens the community by supporting parents with quality childcare close to home.

Under your guiding hand, time spent playing becomes time learning so many lessons that will prove invaluable. Time spent learning things like their ABCs is formative time that is enhanced in a smaller, in-home environment; an environment that can offer that special attention you can only provide in the home.

Yes, childcare is a business. Yes, in-home preschools do make money by providing a much-needed service at a rate that can be 20-30% less than what larger, commercial providers charge. But what you can do as in an-home provider goes way beyond merely generating extra income for your family.

Providing childcare in your home is an opportunity to guide children in the learning process, provide a solid social atmosphere, and help families who would have no other way of looking after the little ones. It a way to help build a better community by investing in kids.