How it Works

You choose a trusted child care provider from our network of in-home schools. We train and mentor every school so you can choose in confidence that they are the best.

We accept only the best licensed child
care providers

We train, provide tools & provide ongoing mentorship to each provider. Before a provider is chosen we do extensive background checks, interviews and check their home. Once a provider is on our network they receive over 60 hours of training and ongoing mentorship while operating their in-home school. This far exceeds all state or federal standards.

You choose the provider that’s
best for you

Through our network of schools you can choose the school that best for your family and feels like home. Each school that has openings you can schedule a time to visit with the provider and they can answer any additional questions you may have.

You are guaranteed to be satisfied
with our excellent care

Our promise is that each in-home school is of the highest quality and that you will be totally satisfied with our services. If not, we will help you find another childcare provider, even outside of our network of schools if necessary.

By enrolling your child in Ivy School
you sponsor a child in need

We live in a big world, and many children don’t have the opportunity to go to school. It’s our long-term commitment to fight the worldwide education crisis by providing children in need with the tools possible to attend school. We work with nonprofit partners to subsidize and provide top quality school for children in need around the world. You can feel good that you are part of the solution and part of an organization raising globally aware and compassionate children.

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